Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spice up Your Meeting with Dancing Desserts, Cult Wines and Seductive Lambs

Remember when the typical choice for meeting food was “the chicken” or “the beef”?

Menus have become more interesting. Much more interesting! New York City is home to some of the world’s most unique venues for usual food and beverage pairings. Here are three we recommend for your next business trip or corporate meeting:

1. The Priscilla, Queen of Broadway Cupcakes – We’ve been known to score exclusive backstage passes at Broadway shows for meeting groups and now they can be paired with the city’s first-ever Broadway-inspired cupcake! The Rockefeller Center’s Magnolia Bakery recently teamed up with Academy Award-winning designers Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner's to develop a pistachio cupcake based on the stage musical’s trademark dancing cupcake costumes. Pistachio meringue butter cream is topped with a meringue kiss, bright edible confetti and iridescent "disco dust!"
Courtesy of http://www.broadway.com/
2. Suds and Seduction at Jimmy’s 43 – If you have visited the Delirium Café in Belguim, Jimmy’s is its US brother without the overwhelming feeling of having to pick from one of 2,000 beers. Jimmy’s also has perhaps the best slow-roasted lamb riblets on either continent. They are “Marvin Gaye of meats” the wait staff will tell you! Jimmy's selection of lamb plates comes from 3-Corner Field Farm, a renowned producer of grass-fed lamb. For meeting groups, we recommend pairing the riblets, rich lamb tongue, creamy fried brains and veal cheeks with a tasting of the venue's renowned foamy IPA's.

3. Chambers Street Wines – The owners describe their selections as “cult wines” partially because every item in the store is made from low-sulfur US wineries and bottled without pesticides or herbicides. Chambers Street works with groups to organize wine tastings at the store or on location at your meeting.

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