Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Parks and Recreation (Not the TV Show!): NYC Gets Greener

Did you realize that New York City has more miles of waterfront than Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and Portland combined?

It also has the highest percentage of land used for parks - 19.5% than any other high-density in the US. If you want the great outdoors as a important component of your corporate meeting, things are about to get even better in the Big Apple.

Mayor Bloomberg just announced 20-year, $700 million capital funding project that will help acquire 50 acres of new waterfront parks, expand and improve 10 existing parks and develop 14 new greenways and esplanades. New boat launches are under consideration as well as integrating city heliports into parks for showing weekly movies during the summer.

One of the most unusual outdoor marvels in New York - High Line Park – will open Phase II this Spring. Built on an elevated platform and running 1.54 miles through Manhattan’s trendy Chelsea section, High Line is a sustainable-living success story because it replaced rotting rail tracks that were once an eye-sore and potentially, a long-term environmental hazard.

Want to learn exactly how green New York is? Check this out:

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