Wednesday, February 16, 2011

4 Ideas to Enjoy a Glimpse of Yesteryear in NYC

In the spirit of Presidents' Day, we've come up with four ideas to help your corporate meeting group  experience a slice of history in New York and America - one of which tastes as good as it sounds!

Ellis Island Comes to Life!

From April 16 through Labor Day Weekend, An exciting new30-minute LIVE theatrical production in the intimate Ellis Island Living Theatre will features Lady Liberty’s 125th Anniversary and the immigrant experience.  Professional actors provide a multi-cultural experience by including contemporary immigrants in the storyline.

New York’s Historical Society gets a Facelift

Fresh from a $65 million renovation, the New York Historical Society is re-opening on November 11 and will be surrounded by exciting events and four centuries of New York history.  One of the highlights will be the Civil Rights Gallery on the second floor. The first exhibition will be photographs of African Americans who were leaders in the fight for civil rights in the 20th century by British photographer Platon.

Also on the second floor will be a new gallery featuring some of Peter Marie's collection of miniatures of the beautiful women of Gilded Age society next to their photographs from the famous Vanderbilt Ball of 1883. And throughout the rest of the second floor are the Revolutions! exhibit and Big City Views, featuring large-scale views of American cities, including maps, prints and photographs.

Speaking of Revolutions...

Although the Boston Tea Party is commonly associated with the first American tax revolt, the REAL work to fight “Taxation Without Representation” was done at Federal Hall in downtown Manhattan. Rebuilt as a Customs House at its Wall Street location, Federal Hall is the birthplace of American government. George Washington took the oath of office as our first President at Federal Hall, and this site was home to the first Congress, Supreme Court, and Executive Branch offices. The Bill of Rights was written here too!

“Consume” history

Pete’s Tavern first opened its doors in 1864 and this achievement makes Pete's Tavern both an official historical landmark and the longest continuously operating bar and restaurant in New York City. It even stayed open during Prohibition...disguised as a flower shop! Pete's Tavern is proud of its history and steadfastly maintains its traditions. It still looks as exactly as it did when its most celebrated regular O. Henry wrote the classic Gift of The Magi at his favorite booth by the front doors in 1902. Pete's Tavern also continues to serve much of its original-recipe Italian-American cuisine and its highly prized 1864 Original Ale.

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