Tuesday, February 01, 2011

3 "Tasty" NYC Corporate Incentives

The Bravo TV network recently aired an episode of Top Chef Season 3 in which the remaining competitors were awakened by internationally acclaimed cookbook author Padma Lakshmi and asked to make breakfast for her in a hotel meeting room. Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

If you’re on a Corporate Incentive trip to New York, think again. You could soon be served a pajama-clad breakfast by one of the best chefs in America. Or other meals too.

Here are three 3 ways to incorporate “I” for Iron Chef in your next “I” for incentive trip:

Chef Incoming! – New York hotels are leading a new trend of contracting with celebrity chefs to provide meals as extravagant as room service for select guests. While that may be beyond most meeting budgets, importing a chef for a luncheon or dinner is a win-win for everyone. For attendees – great food. For the chef – more access to a high-end audience who increasingly shares culinary recommendations with others and online.

Workin’ Out, Eatin’ out – We recommend scheduling activities such as bike tours of Central Park that are followed by a meal at a celebrity-chef restaurant. Many of these venues love mid-day incentive groups and let’s face it, a healthy bike ride through Central Park’s hills will work up a hearty appetite!

Deliciously Raw – If you haven’t noticed, raw food has come a long way from a carrot on a stick. Venues such as Pure Food and Wine are quickly becoming business travel favorites and let’s face it – if former burger-lover Bill Clinton eats there, they must be onto something!

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