Thursday, September 23, 2010

New York "Raises Its Game" for UN Week

As President Obama prepares his speech to the international community, we can look at our office window today on 56th Street and watch delegates, related diplomats and their security details all here for the United Nations General Assembly and making their way down Second Avenue en route to the UN. While International visitors here for meetings love the variety of culturally diverse dining venues, stores and bars, during UN week these establishments are delightfully alive with a unique cosmopolitan vibe.

It’s also that time of year when Manhattan’s East Side becomes a quasi-military zone.

In 2010, this is enhanced by two factors – first, delegates will stay an additional three days to discuss the Millennium Development Goal project; and secondly, President Obama plans of spending multiple days in the city.

Despite the inconveniences and random motorcades, New York City will hardly miss a beat. Unlike a smaller city that would essentially shut down for an event the size of the UN General Assembly, New York simply offers many alternative neighborhoods, hotels, transportation options and coveted meeting venues.

Right on the heels of the much celebrated Fashion Week, UN Week is not only a reminder why New York is a fantastic draw for international business travel, it proves that even at the height of disruption, Manhattan is THE destination for any meeting that is focused on getting business done.

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