Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fashion Week in Review - Success from Evolving!

Conventions and trade shows sometimes have a nostalgic feel when they are held at the same time and place every year. Before 2010, New York’s Fashion Week was synonymous with the “tents”.

Getting access to those coveted tent shows - all outdoor - in Bryant Park was the name of the game, and when the show moved to Lincoln Center this fall, there were some who probably missed that.

But New York is always evolving, and nowhere can that been seen more than at Lincoln Center. It’s not just a place for concerts anymore. Fashion buyers and media were treated to a 100,000-square-foot site and the revisions made to its look, layout, and technology.

The renovated Lincoln Center is a fantastic venue for shows. While the “tents” remained, constructing the floor (approximately 448 feet by 272 feet) for a massive show like Fashion Week went far more efficiently because the structure frame, despite having to be built over existing planters, did not have to take into account the lawn and the “sinking into grass” effect experienced at Bryant Park.

And then there was Fashion GPS, a Web-based program that electronically tracks and manages designers' guest lists and invitations in real time. Bryant Park was an Internet nightmare with shaky connections that were sometimes worsened right off-site with weather-driven challenges. Lincoln Center, on the other hand, was fully equipped with every modern technology amenity, making paper invites to shows a thing of the past.

And in a world where news travels instantly, the ability of influential bloggers to post new entries, Flickr photos and TwitPics with mobile technology took this year’s Fashion Week to eye-popping levels.
Fashion Week’s success in 2010 is an example of a bigger evolutionary trend that positions New York as a worldwide meeting and EXPO information capital.

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