Thursday, July 16, 2009

Four Reasons why the Javits Center renovation is important to associations

The Jacob K. Javits Center, located in the heart of NY, NY, built and opened in 1986, is finally undergoing renovation after much delay. Goodbye leaky roof, welcome an expansive exhibition space!

This $463 million project means four things for associations and New York City itself:

More space to exhibit and conduct business
For starters, a 40,000 square foot addition for exhibition space and 60,000 square feet devoted to pre-function and registration areas, food service areas, restrooms, loading docks and a truck court.

The right message
The message being sent to associations and businesses throughout the world is even more important - New York City is getting serious about setting the tone for a professional convention atmosphere. In fact, the project is set to begin immediately. Yes, immediately.

Reoccurring Economic benefits for NY meetings
Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, which sponsors the Javits Centers largest public exhibit, the Auto Show, stated that the two-week event brought in over $200 million in economic benefits. More shows like this - especially those catering to professional associations - are now possible and their economic benefits could potentially spur more Javits renovations.

Advanced booking incentives have more ROI
Finally, the incentives hotels have been offering for associations who book New York meetings in advance carry even more significance with the immediate renovation of the city’s largest meeting space. According to Business Travel News, buyers are now also more likely to actually get the rates they've negotiated for the current year. During the seller's market years, last-room availability for many buyers was either impossible to negotiate at all or came at such a stiff premium that they did not pursue it. During 2009 negotiations, however, buyers said it increasingly was put back on the table.

If your association is considering a New York meeting at the Javits, call us today for the inside scoop and partner with us on your next meeting to fit your budget!

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