Monday, June 29, 2009

Why Your Overall Corporate Strategy Should Include Meetings and Events

The current economic climate is placing an even higher importance on events and meetings as a strategic tool for companies. In short, meetings are creating much needed opportunity - whether it is new business, enhanced industry-wide marketing partnerships, or exposure to sponsor offerings that save the company money.

Here are examples why:

Message and Marketing. We just managed an event for a firm who represents hotel properties throughout the country. Crain's New York recently noted that the local hotel industry was seeing the biggest price (and revenue) drop of any major city in the US. This event not only provided the perfect forum to pitch buyers for New York properties, but having an event for hoteliers that is positive, morale-building and productive from a messaging standpoint is critical toward weathering the current storm. Participants need a forum to exchange ideas, revise the overall marketing strategy of their local industry, and plan for any additional contingencies that may crop economically before the year is out.

Business Opportunity. We recently managed a meeting for Real Estate professionals from around the country. Besides the obvious benefits of industry members as a whole discussing recovery strategies, each company was very smart to send representatives for a more substantive reason - the meeting included tours of specific real estate investment opportunities in various parts of the city that are currently a bargain as compared to the price tag from two years ago.

Access to Sponsor Specials. Corporations who are choosing to strategically participate in meetings - especially in a business capital like New York - are getting access to exclusive sponsor offerings customized for their particular needs. Tech-related sponsors in particular are eager for face time with business customers, and meetings are creating opportunities for companies to try the latest gadgets at special rates they would not get otherwise.

Press Opportunity. At a recent International Food Retailers conference we managed, participants unveiled new formulas and a new association vision, which served as a fantastic press opportunity in the media capital of the world.

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