Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Love New York

46 million people visited New York City last year, drawn in by the bright lights, Broadway shows, and of course, the weakened US Dollar. Check out the stats:

Ranking as the top 5 markets where NYC is the #1 destination –
#1 United Kingdom, #2 Germany, #3France, #4 Scandinavia, #5 Italy.

Top 5 Broadway shows that we can’t get enough of –
#1 Wicked, #2 Jersey Boys, #3 The Lion King, #4 Mary Poppins, #5 Mamma Mia.

The influx of tourists has also brought in increase in spending, up 34% from last year to nearly 28 billion dollars at the close of 2007.

Who says old age has to come with a price tag? According to Crain’s New York annual NYC statistic guide, they’ve concluded that New Yorker’s 19.7 million residents are healthier than the average American. So much healthier, in fact, that we live a full year longer than our fellow American. Just good genes? Doubtful. Reports show that our City’s superb hospitals, avid anti-smoking campaigns, and amount of walking have all added up to one healthy bod.

New Yorker’s also have a creative edge that no one else can match. A whopping 91% of registered voters in NY reported that they’ve been to a cultural or sporting event in the past year. Over 50% said they’ve been to an art museum. With New York also ranking as the #1 most diverse city in the world, it’s no wonder that New Yorker’s have a cultural outlet like no other.

Just a few reasons why I Love New York.

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