Monday, July 07, 2008

Central Park Pizza Party

It’s like any other Saturday. You’re stranded in Manhattan (because you are too broke to go to the Hampton’s), and you head over to Central Park to get some sun on your pasty skin (because your cubicle is in the deepest darkest corner of the office, guaranteeing 0% sunlight 100% of the time). You grab your book and blanket, and sit down in the Park for some quality R&R. Then it hits you. You are starving, but you are trapped in the middle of Sheep’s Meadow, and the only way out involves dodging 3 Frisbee games, 2 kite flyers, a crying baby, and a dog off his leash.

Fear no more, park dwelling junkies! Slice, the trendy pizzeria offering deliciously healthy pizzas, now delivers to Central Park! So go on, enjoy your day off, and let Slice do the work. Check it out here!

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