Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Love to Love You, Baby

A recent night celebrating some birthdays had us trolling about the club-land known as Chelsea. Given that we’re less likely these days to shake, shake, shake our groove things, and more likely to shake, shake, shake a bowl of popcorn while sacked out on the couch, we saw some new and cool things. It’s been a while since we’ve unleashed our inner dancing queens and kings. Well, we made up for lost time, and got down on the dance floor. It reminded us of why New York is considered one of the world’s best play-lands, and made us think of some ab-fab places to get our groove on. Some favorites? Here you go:

Lotus – A personal favorite, this multi-tiered Babylon of hip is all about high style, high energy and that’s what NYC lounge living is all about. With décor done in sexy and soft shades of caramel and chocolate, Lotus keeps the MeatPacking district buzzing.

Cielo –
If you are looking to really shake a tailfeather, Cielo is the place for you. The DJs are amongst the best in the city and the smaller setting makes everyone just…pop. Also, we’re all about fresh air when dancing, so the outdoor lounge is nice to catch our breath and a wink.

Pre:Post – No night of clubbing is complete without a little nosh before AND after, right? Well, Pre:Post can cater to both urges! Serving the West Cheslea crowd bistro fare in the daylight and the twilight, Pre:Post fills a very unique niche in New York…and many hungry tummies.

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