Monday, August 20, 2007

BK Rulz

It isn't often (ever) that we venture out to Brooklyn. We're not quite sure why (we're lazy). After all we’ve heard nothing but raves about the art scene (overrun with hipsters), music scene (overrun with hipsters) and the foodie scene (overrun by stroller-wielding hipsters.) But, a recent excursion had us all excited about the Borough formerly known as Kings. From hipsters to hasidim, from pizza to picturesque vistas, Brooklyn had a bit of everything. We stopped by our favorite boxing gym to work on our jabs and punches, took in our favorite view of the Brooklyn Bridge (from right below it) and stopped by Steiner Studios to stalk some film stars (no luck.) Of course, Grimaldi’s beckoned and we couldn’t deny ourselves. But, a walk across the bridge back to Manhattan surely worked off the calories. Although, we’re pretty sure the bag of Jacques Torres chocolates is still with us.

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