Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Summer...Oh Yeah

Leave it to New York to do things a bit differently in the summertime. A bit more spunk. A bit more pizzazz. A bit more sumpthin’ sumpthin’. Scanning the horizons and the waterfront, it seems like hot times are in bloom in the Big Apple. Here are a few things we’ve had our eye on recently:

**We love that artist and bon vivant/man about town Julian Schnabel has created a hot pink mess in the West Village with his soaring residential tower/ode to all things rose. Of course, if we lived in the neighborhood we’d probably be horrified, but there’s something so punk about the color that we just can’t give it a thumbs down.

**When we were tiny little event planners-to-be, one of our favorite things to do was go to the pool in the summertime. Well, short of spending our hard-earned dough on a fancy-schmancy gym membership, what are we pool-lovers to do in NYC? Take it the barge! Opening in July, the Neptune Foundation’s Floating Lady will be able to accommodate almost 200 swimmers on their redesigned floating barge pool, docked in Brooklyn. Rumor has it that the Water Taxi will be docking there, which means we are so there with our goggles, floaties and flippers.

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