Thursday, September 28, 2006

One Singular Sensation

It can’t just be that we think our true calling is the Broadway stage, and we think that we would look absolutely STUNNING in a gold lamé top hat. No...there’s just something about “A Chorus Line.” The way it captures the spirit of Broadway and the spirit of New York. You know what we mean – small town girl makes good on a dream, the idea that anyone can reinvent themselves in Gotham, and the idea that talent and passion have no limits if one is just given another chance to dance. Yup, “A Chorus Line” has it all. The show about the casting of a show was considered a bit revolutionary when it debuted on Broadway in 1975, and is poised to make a comeback when it opens on October 5th at the Schoenfeld Theatre. So, will the revival mark another 15-year run on Broadway? Who’s to say? But we’ve already got our tickets.

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