Thursday, September 21, 2006

Have Some Sugar, Sugar

Maybe it's because we have a sweet tooth. Maybe it's because we like the idea of pink frothy goodness, atop our own personal cake, sprinkled with pastel sugary treats. Or maybe just because we like the idea that a war can be fought over...cupcakes. That's right - those little petite gateaux have moved in, captured the stomachs of even the most jaded New Yorkers, and spawned a battle for the title "Supremo Cupcake," with no clear victor in sight. Whether it's Buttercup, Magnolia, Billy's or The Cupcake Cafe, the battle rages through the streets of New York. We've learned not to ask too many NY'ers which is their favorite - just like pizza, bagels, coffee and low-rise vs. skinny leg jeans - taste is truly in the tastebud of the beholder. We have our personal favorite, but our lips are sealed...with frosting.

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