Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nitro and Bottled Cocktail Hours: Explosive Flavors From Science and Speed

We are seeing two big trends in New York City mixology that are transforming cocktail hour events at destination corporate meetings.
Bottling cocktails. Hate standing in line forever at an event? Bottled cocktails cut down on time and produce quality cocktails in seconds when attendees are thirsty. The key to a good bottled cocktail is creating something that has the perfect balance between alcohol and citrus or sugar that’s added.

Nitro Infusions. A Nitro Infusion is molecular mixology where bartenders are becoming deliciously mad scientists! They are manipulating shakers to create new flavors, textures, and unique cocktail presentations that enhance the overall drinking experience.  Some of the most popular infusions include the use of foams, gels, mists, heat, and solidifying liquids.

These drinks can get a little crazy. They include cocktails with suspended elements, cocktail gums, paper cocktails, solid cocktails, cocktail marshmallows, flavored ice spheres, frozen ‘nitro’ cocktails, cocktail popsicles, and even cocktail glasses filled with cotton candy!

The secret formula is really about equipment, especially among mixologists who work at molecular gastronomy restaurants. They are piggybacking on the the expensive items used by the chef to create incredible cocktail experiences!

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