Thursday, April 02, 2015

Experience New York's First Ever Cider Tasting Destination

We recently checked out an exciting new venue in Manhattan's Lower East Side where your destination corporate meeting attendees can enjoy the city's first-ever private cider tasting experience.

How big is cider-tasting getting? One year ago, you could have experiences every single high-end cider that was available. The number of ciders has increased so rapidly that your attendees can be choosy and creatively put a list together that has diversity. We recommend American ciders, especially the Farnum Hill Semi Dry, Spanish ciders from the Basque region of both sides of the Spanish/French border, and Breton ciders from northwestern France. You can also try ciders from Savoie in France, Canada, Germany, the UK, Ireland, and Chile. Even Japan is getting into the act!

If your attendees like beer tasting, they will love some of the beer-inspired ciders blended separately with different yeasts and then aged. Your group will also get an inside look on how ciders are made. Experts will explain how each cider goes through the fermentation process and how they are all different. They will also show how to avoid turning cider into vinegar if your get inspired to try it at home!

It's a really cool experience that is enhanced with a vegetarian food pairing for each cider.

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