Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Meeting Food Trends: A French Twist in New York

French food has never been hard to find in New York City.  However, a generation of hotel chefs and venues that cater to corporate meetings are taking the cuisine to new and exciting levels.

Traditional dishes such as Paris-Brest, a which is a ring-shaped pate a choux pastry stuffed with hazelnut cream, are being treated to unusual additions like Snickers Bars.  Meat-studded cassoulets are being replaced with beans as the principal ingredient, sweet bread medallions are taking the form of tasty nuggets, and the traditional French rack of lamb is getting an Asian infusion by celebrity chefs that features the neck as a key delicacy.

Additionally, some French-themed hotels are offering meeting groups options to incorporate healthy menus in meals for attendees that are usually served to dinner patrons.  The major shift we are seeing in French cuisine at meetings also includes creative new versions of fan favorites like French Toast and Pommes Frites.

Finally, all of the changes are creating more competition among venues, hotels and chefs, which is providing meeting planners better prices for galas, meeting breaks and off-site breakout dinners for destination incentives. 

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