Tuesday, September 25, 2012

UN Week or Oyster Week? It's always a "week" in NYC

Whether it's hundreds of countries with diplomats for the annual UN General Assembly or 11 oyster restaurants, there is always a "week" going on in New York City.

This week, the two have merged.

Many meeting planners try to send corporate groups to cities when a special event is happening because it's a great option for after-hours entertainment.  In New York, special events are happening all the time, which provides meeting planners more flexibility to plan meetings for "off-season" periods to save money. 

And if you are curious who is hosting "Oyster Week", here are the 11 venues:

Grand Central Oyster Bar; Lure; Bluefin; Atlantic Grill - Upper East Side; Blue Water Grill; Ocean Grill; Atlantic Grill - Lincoln Center; Monument Lane; Ulysses Folk House; Wild Edibles; and the City Crab and Seafood Company.

Shackman Associates New York has helped corporate groups get exclusive access and amenities at leading venues like these and New York raw fish offerings are so plentiful and delicious, Oyster Week can really be any day of any week you want!

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