Thursday, May 24, 2012

Watch the Space Shuttle Arrive and Thrive at the USS Intrepid

On April 27, millions watched in awe as the Space Shuttle Enterprise flew up the Hudson River and over Manhattan on its way to JFK airport.  It will open on July 19 at the USS Intrepid Museum.

But the shuttle's journey isn't over.  Its final arrival is scheduled for sometime in June, and will involve another spectacle: The Enterprise will sail up the Hudson River and be hoisted, via crane, to the deck of the legendary carrier Intrepid.

The shuttle's "flight" over Manhattan lasted for seconds.  Its sailing will last hours and is a great idea for spending some downtime during your meeting. 

Shackman Associates New York has managed spectacular corporate events and galas on the USS Intrepid and the addition of the shuttle will make this a more attractive venue than ever. 

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