Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Fashion Week Reinvents Major Trade Shows

Amid the debate about whether New York needs a massive convention center in Queens comes another successful February Fashion Week in 2012.

New York's Fashion Week is considered the premier event in its industry and has stayed on top by boldly evolving, improving the experience for visitors and attendees, and taking advantage of the hospitality venues that speak to its audience.  Manhattan has become a transformative hotel market and properties are continually opening that combine design, convenience, excitement, comfort, and technology. 

When Fashion Week organizers decided to move from makeshift tents at Bryant Park to the renovated elegance of Lincoln Center, they were met with some groans of nostalgia.  That was for an event held in September, which is widely considered the nicest weather month of the year in New York.  Despite a mild winter, the contrast between the February version built over grass that can get icy, cold and sloppy versus at an iconic venue with more controlled atmospheres is more pronounced. 

New York offers so any choices of venues for holding a show, it's not hard please specific attendees at one or multiple unique locations that suit their style, mobility, business requirements, and thirst for entertainment.  In our opinion, this is the true future of major events. 

And if you think New York's most conventional exposition venue - the Javits Center - has somehow lost its mojo, think again.  It's book solid for the next few years.

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