Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Ideas to Add Spice, Smiles and even a Soprano to Your Meeting Entertainment

You don’t have to send your entire meeting delegation to a off-site venue to get a flavor of New York’s most unique entertainment experience.  Shackman Associates New York is bringing some great entertainers right to the ballroom.  Here are 3 examples:

1.      Drag Queens as Event MCs.  While New York City boasts several very famous venues, getting a group into Lucky Chengs can take forever, and the quarters a bit cramped.  We recently brought an act to a large ballroom gala where hundreds of attendees were entertained without having to leave the meeting venue.

2.       Comedians.   New York City is the home to thousands of incredibly talented comedians, and the ratio of performers to venues is staggering.   Many young comedians are graduates of highly-ranked 4-year colleges and will take extra time to develop a clever gig that is customized toward your group.

3.      Opera singers.  You don’t need to visit Lincoln Center to hear great opera singing.  Opera singers are appearing at private venues throughout New York and can add an extra touch of class at a gala for your corporate meeting or destination incentive trip.

                                                            Photo Courtesy of Sodahead

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