Friday, May 13, 2011

Boot Camps, Latin Beats and Bike Lanes - 3 Warm Weather Ideas to Keep Your Meeting Fit and Fun

We are constantly being asked by meeting groups to ensure hotels have fitness facilities for attendees. Many of them, especially the properties that have recently opened, do. But isn’t spending a free hour or two isolated in a hotel gym a drag when it’s absolutely beautiful outside?

Here are 3 fit and fun-loving group ideas to keep your meeting attendees active.

1. Central Park Fitness Boot Camps – Tired of step-classes in a sweaty gym? New York’s top personal trainers like Duke Diet model Josh Margolis conduct “Boot Camps” for corporate groups in green pastures with spectacular views of Manhattan’s skyline.

Photos Courtesy of Josh Margolis - Mind over Matter NYC

2. Salsa, Anyone? - While it’s not hard to find a restaurant or club that offers Salsa lessons, it’s even better to hold a group Summer Salsa Night in Riverside Park with the cool breezes of the Hudson River. This venue idea offers a great evening of music and more views of the skyline with the backdrop of the George Washington Bridge and Palisades Mountains to the north.

3. New York now a Biker’s Paradise – We have arranged many bike tours of Central Park and with the Mayor’s enthusiastic expansion of designated bikes lanes, we can help your meeting map out diverse and exciting routes throughout Manhattan.

UPDATE: We have just organized a 100-meeting-attendee bike tour of the West Side along the Hudson River which then routes our cyclists across lower Manhattan and over the Brooklyn Bridge!

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