Friday, December 17, 2010

2 New Locations to Skate UNDER the Stars

Winter in Manhattan is synonymous with two world famous ice skating rinks at Rockefeller Center and Central Park.  However, they can get a tad crowded, can't they?

Here are two new unusual ice rinks - downtown, no less! - that might leave a lasting impression on your next visit.  At the very least, a few spills on the ice can be soothed be a beverage that will surely warm the soul!

Ice Rink at the W Hotel

As first reported in the Observer, the W's ice rink on the fifth-floor terrace bar, open through Thursday, not only boasts an exclusive location but also boasts a most-unique view of the World Trade Center site.  As part of the rink, the terrace bar will be open with a special set of drinks - fortunately, no one can take them on the ice!  

Not Your "Standard" Rink

The Standard hotel is also getting in the ice skating business.  Those yellow summer Lounge chairs on the patio are gone and in its place is a sea of white.  And instead of long lines of tourists around 52nd and 5th, your group can step right into the Standard's Biergarten, which is also one of New York's best winter heated outdoor bars.


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