Thursday, October 08, 2009

Go-Go Gadget Meetings!

Associations Turn a challenge into opportunity

An ironic outcome of the challenging economy is the advent of association "super-meetings" in New York. While in past years, numerous smaller meetings may have been held in multiple locations, merging everything into one big event to save money creates both opportunities and challenges in attendee networking.

First, the challenge - how can an association keep track of all these extra attendees? An international food association we recently worked with frequently uses a hand held product called SpotMe ( Other associations are opting for special networking events, scheduling off-site dinners, and splitting the meeting into smaller working groups that in-turn split off into smaller venues within and away from the main site. That requires great communication among attendees and we work closely with top New York hotels who now offer inclusive Wi-Fi throughout their properties.

Now, the opportunity. Gadget-makers, especially those with the latest hand-held devices are eager to test their products in a major consumer mecca like New York. Put 800 business people in one Manhattan location for several days and sponsorship opportunities will abound.

As a leading New York DMC, we are on the front lines of new tech product placements both in the storefront, on street-level ads, and at meetings. As June's launch of the newest Palm proved with 2-hours lines, New York City is the place to sell a gadget to professional.

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