Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Piggybacking and Grouping Costs Can Save Your Meeting

Shackman Associates New York continues to save money for businesses holding meetings in Manhattan through our network of close relationships with vendors. But when the current economy requires businesses to save even more, piggybacking and grouping components can be an effective solution.

Here are a few creative ideas we have successfully used:

Food and Beverage
We recently chose the same food and beverage menu at an advanced reservation quantity of 1,800 for two back-to-back financial and insurance meetings of 900 attendees each. The hotel in-turn saved on supply orders and delivery costs - which is passed down to the meeting. The second group of 900 reduced costs even further by piggybacking the audio visual component with an unrelated meeting also going on at the hotel.
Transportation from Airport
This is especially effective for meetings that involve attendees arriving in small groups from many locales around the country. We have helped associations with similar flight arrival and departure times for attendees by arranging group pickups. Scheduling convenient pickups for small groups at a time per terminal can significantly reduce costs for any meeting without sacrificing an important New York City transportation amenity. In the current economy, these kinds of cost savings can make the difference between a meeting that is well-attended and one that is not.

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