Friday, March 20, 2009

The Big Apple?

So, why is New York called the Big Apple anyway?

Story has it that in the early 1920’s, the term “apple” was used to reference the many horse races in New York City. Apple was what people called the prizes awarded for the winners of the race. Digging through our reference books, we discovered an article in the New York Morning Telegraph, which referred to New York City’s races “Around the Big Apple”. It was rumored that the newspaper got the term from jockeys and trainers who aspired to race on New York City tracks. The called it… “The Big Apple”.

In 1971 the city officially adopted the Big Apple in a campaign to increase tourism. The campaign featured red apples in hopes that they would serve as a bright and cheery image of New York, in contrast to the then belief that New York City was dark and dangerous.

The term stuck, and nearly a century later guests from all over the world have come to have their own bite of the Big Apple.

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