Thursday, December 18, 2008

Topsy Turny

Don’t miss it! The second annual Major League Dreidel Competition will once again take place at Fontana’s on Eldridge Street. Come one, come all, as competitors will go for gelt as they spin the dreidel. Shmaltz Brewing Company will also be on site in case you prefer a different type of spinning sensation.

In case you need a brush up on your spinning technique, let’s revisit the official rules of Spinology:

1. The release: When a spinner winds and discharges the dreidel from their fingers.
2. The orbit: When the dreidel is spinning at its peak speed, tightness and control. A good spinner will have an orbit of 6 seconds, a true master over 8. The orbit is the most crucial phase of a spin, demonstrating the spinner’s true dreidel dexterity.
3. The wobbles: The conclusion of a dreidel’s orbit, when the dreidel loses speed, tightness and control.
4. The finish: The conclusion of a dreidel’s wobble, when the dreidel comes to a complete rest on its side, inside the Spin Zone.

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