Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Byrne Baby Byrne

Musician turned Artist turned Biking Enthusiast David Byrne has done it again. Normally, we don't like to lavish one single person with too much praise, but this guy won't stop catching our attention (not that we're complaining). Byrne, best known as the front man for the popular band Talking Heads, and most recently with his "Playing the Building" installation (see below), has taken it to the streets. Today, the New York City Department of Transportation has installed nine new bikes racks, created by Byrne, throughout the city’s streets. Aimed to increase bicycle use and beautify the streets, the racks are inspired from New York neighborhoods and activities. The dollar-sign named “Wall Street” is located in the heart of Wall Street. The guitar “Hipster” design is in the vibrant musical neighborhood of Williamsburg, and “Jersey”, a design of a car’s silhouette near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, are just a few of the neighborhood friendly installations around the city.

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