Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Buzz Around Town

The rain couldn’t keep us locked up for one more night as we ventured over to the Palace Hotel for a summer BBQ celebration in the Courtyard. And in true Palace style we feasted – Lobsters, a raw bar, crab legs and the best mac & cheese on the east coast were just a few of the delectable choices for us to divulge our taste buds with. And while we dabbled with the ice cream station, and enjoyed our corn on the cob, we perked an ear up for some good Palace gossip. Not to be confused with our favorite show Gossip Girl (also shot at the Palace Hotel), this gossip came in the form of a brand new cocktail bar situated in the Courtyard of the hotel for the entire summer. Say it isn’t so? A full bar for us to wash away our work stress right inside of the tree lined courtyard off of Madison Avenue? Our sources say it’s true, but only time will tell. More updates to come…

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