Friday, May 16, 2008

Now That's a View

As the temperatures in New York slowly rise to sweltering summer heat, New Yorker’s ascend as well. With rooftop bars still all the rage, three new noteworthy bars have grabbed our attention.

#1 Highbar – Slated to open early next week, this midtown rooftop on West 48th Street welcomes rooftop revelers with a stellar view and simple backyard grill food like hot dogs and hamburgers. Drawbacks? No pool. See #2.

#2 Pooldeck – With its grand opening earlier this month at the Empire Hotel, this rooftop bar has, you guessed it, a pool. While the space itself isn’t massive (reps say it can hold a max of 150 guests), it will be a refreshing addition to the city. Drawbacks? Too small to get your groove on. See #3.

#3 230 Fifth – Okay. 230 Fifth is not the newest roof on the block, but we still feel it deserves our attention. With over 1,200 square feet of rooftop space, complete with an up close view of the Empire State Building, this rooftop still takes the cake as the place to see and be seen among New Yorker’s.

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