Friday, March 14, 2008

Monster Bash at the MoMa

Last night, the Museum of Modern Art opened its doors to us for a private reception and first-hand view of the two newest installations at the Museum. The first, Color Chart, reflects some forty artists (including Andy Worhol and Frank Stella), and is the first major exhibit devoted to the transformation of color throughout time. The second, and perhaps one of the most awesome exhibits on display, is Design and the Elastic Mind. Put simply, the exhibit shows a designers ability to take advances in technology and turn it into usable art. The exhibits are wild – but none beats the interactive “Shadow Monster” exhibit.

The low down – Standing in front of a projection screen, your hand is magically morphed into a shadow monster, which changes into different “puppets” as you move. Monster-licious sound effects included.

So go on and let your inner monster out of the closet. We won’t tell.

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