Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Politics, Shmolitics

We’re the first to admit that there is little about the political process that we find enjoyable. And the extended campaigning and incessant to’ing and fro’ing by the candidates this year has not endeared us in any way. But, elections are important and having a voice in the process is important, so for the most part, we heart the Presidential election. But, it really makes us think that there are other things that should be voted on that are not. Such as? Well, such as the following:

A local election to nominate and elect postal service workers. We’re not saying we don’t like our postman, but is there someone we would like more? Perhaps.

A national vote to add more federal holidays. We are BIG fans of the 4 day weekend…and also honoring important people in our nation’s history. Yeah, definitely.

A national election to ban all media coverage of Britney, Paris, Lindsey and Nicole. A simple yes or no vote. Yup, it would be a dream come true.

A local election to get rid of required bottle service at clubs and lounges. We know…everyone is a VIP these days, but really?

A national election for Mike Bloomberg as President. Oh wait…that might actually happen. If only Derek Jeter could be his running mate . Now THAT’S the ticket!

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