Friday, December 28, 2007

Top NYC Moments of 2007

Subway Hero – Early January is always a cruel month. The hype of the holidays leads to a month filled with cold winds and drooping temperatures. Subway Hero, Wesley Autrey, revived our spirits last January when he jumped on a subway track in front of an on-coming train to cover a student who had fallen on the tracks after suffering a seizure. It was selfless and inspiring and it still makes us mist up to think about it.

Senator Hillary Clinton Announces Her Candidacy for President – The former First Lady and Senator from New York has always been a trailblazer, and as the first woman to run for President, the trail is leading her to the White House. It’s anyone’s guess who will be our President-to-be at this time next year, but it’s bound to be an adventure for Hillary.

Will Smith’s Legend Takes Over Manhattan – New Yorker’s are never ones to keep their mouths shut, and Will Smith got an earful when filming “I am Legend” in New York this past year. After tying up traffic and closing down parts of the city, he commented that, “I felt like my middle name was F.U.” Yup, that seems about right.

Bloomberg’s Mayor’s Conference – Our man, Mike Bloomberg, hosted the C40 Conference of Mayors in New York and brought sustainability and responsibility front and center for rest of the world’s big city mayors. Is this guy President yet?

Grand Central Steam Pipe Explosion – On July 19th, New Yorkers experienced a totally unnatural geyser, as a steam pipe ruptured near Grand Central. With only 1 death and minimal injuries, we should consider ourselves lucky. Con Ed? Not so much.

Gossip Girl – Ok, it’s not really a moment. It’s a TV show. But, we like Gossip, and it’s set in some of our favorite NYC haunts and we like that.

Strikers – In late November, it seems as though everyone was on strike and we were tempted to take to the streets to strike against the strikes. Thankfully, the lights of the Great White Way are shining again, but we’re not happy at the thought of a winter devoid of the Golden Globes and the Oscars if the Writer’s Guild remains on strike.

Rockefeller Christmas Tree – This city is going greener and greener as the days go by. Even our beloved Christmas Tree in Rock Center is sporting energy-conserving LED lights. That’s over 84 feet of inspiration for conservation, blazing for all to see. It's just enough to lead us into 2008 with a smile on our faces.

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