Tuesday, March 06, 2007

We've Got a Secret

Ok, it’s not really a "super secret" along the lines of Capone’s vault, Hoffa’s body and Cher’s plastic surgery past, but it’s still pretty fun. The Campbell Apartment is not an apartment filled with Campbell’s soup – it’s even better! It’s a true New York gem, tucked away in the heart of Grand Central Terminal. Visitors are invited to return to a time when train stations were bastions of glamour, laced with intrigue. Think Hercule Poirot stroking a glass of port before boarding the Orient Express, think Nick and Nora, sniping at each other over martinis. The Campbell Apartment has recently undergone a renovation to this fully restored and luxurious office of 30’s tycoon, John W. Campbell. This Nouveau-Deco sanctuary of velvet, brocade, gilt, leaded glass, mahogany, and marble provides the perfect tableau for an evening of cocktails.

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