Friday, August 11, 2006

Touch the Sky

It is truly a right of passage in New York – searching for the best rooftop bar/lounge/restaurant. These penultimate dwellings inspire even the steamiest New Yorkers to give up access to air conditioning to breathe fresh air with a view. So, what gives? Why the fuss? Perhaps it’s a throwback to the Art Deco New York where 50 stories was a skyscraper. Or maybe it’s the perfect escape from the teeny-tiny dwellings we New Yorker’s call home. Whatever the cause, there is new buzz in the search with a great 5th Avenue penthouse and terrace.

As both a private event space and a night on the town, this midtown gem features unparalleled 360 degree views, a chic vibe and great drinks and nibbles. Perfect for a private function, you can indulge in an Arabian Nights fantasy with billowing white tents and low-slung seating. Or take advantage of the mirrored walls and resurrect classic Studio 54 with a view!In New York, it's all about the tops, so why not start your party with the best of the top!

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